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A Story from a Domestic User


Tony is a homeowner who wanted to know how his electricity was consumed in his home and wanted to save hydro fees. He connected his electrical appliances (e.g. table lamp, TV, fan, tablet charger, etc.) to Euditor smart plugs. The Euditor smart plugs send data to the cloud-based energy platform which start to learn his usage, preference and electricity consumption.

Once the Euditor cloud-based energy audit platform built up a database and it provided energy saving recommendations based on its data analysis. For example, one evening Tony forgot to switch-off his table lamp in his den. The Euditor smart app sent him a message and asked if he wanted to switch it off. The smart app will look for every opportunity to provide suggestions to him to be energy efficient. After a month, the Euditor cloud provided Tony the energy audit report to show his energy usage.

In another example, Euditor’s safety feature successfully helped Tony prevent a potential fire hazard at his home because he was able to switch off his over heated table charger remotely and provided protection to Tony and his property effectively through Euditor's AI technology.


A Story from a Company Director


Peter is a director of a small sized business. He found that his employees always forgot to switch-off electrical appliances at their work stations before leaving the office. At the same time, he always wanted to check the usage rates and hydro fee for different electrical appliances such as printers, coffee machine, microwave oven, etc. in order to decide which

should be retained or abandoned to save cost. He asked his employees to plug the concerned electrical appliances to the Euditor smart plugs. The smart plugs send data to the Euditor cloud-based energy platform to collect usage rate and electricity consumption data and the power supply to these electrical appliances automatically turns off after office hours.


After a month, the Euditor cloud-based energy audit platform provided the energy audit report of his office's electrical appliances. From the report, Peter found out that his sales representative John has a regular habit of not switch-off his work station’s appliances before leaving the office. In addition, the audit report suggested that the office's coffee machine was rarely used and could be written-off. Peter can compare the usage rates of various electrical appliances and effectively manage his office equipments' energy saving strategy. For example, he found that an extra printer should be added due to the high usage rate in the office.

Ultimately, he benefited from monitoring the hydro cost of various electrical appliances to manage his budget for office operational costs. 


A Story from a
Motel Owner


Susan owns a motel which consists of twenty guest rooms. All guest rooms are equipped with portable heaters or window-type air-conditioners subject to the weather condition. She wanted to calculate the expected hydro fee of these high energy demanding heaters and air-conditioners in order to adjust the guest rooms’ renting prices fairly. The goal is to make sure the renting price of each room can make a reasonable profit to cover the cost of hydro from room appliances. In addition, she occasionally suffered from sudden breakdown of the heaters and air- conditioners which led to customers' complaints and refund requests from guests.


In one summer, she selected to try out the Euditor smart plug to solve the mentioned problems. After connecting the air-conditioners to the smart plug, the Euditor cloud-based platform started to monitor the operation of air-conditioners while calculating the energy consumption through a period of time. Susan checked the daily hydro fee of each air-conditioner through the Euditor smart phone app. As a result, she managed to figure out the optimum guest room renting prices appropriately based on energy costs for each room.


Susan also learned to set the on/off time schedule of the air-conditioners according to guest rooms’ renting schedules. The air-conditioners were switched-off by Euditor smart plugs automatically at guests’ check-out time to reduce energy wastage and reduce hydro fee.

One month later, the Euditor smart app notified Susan with an alert that the air-conditioner of one particular guest room was not working normally. She benefited from this feature and immediately called a technician to check the air-conditioner
and found that its compressor motor was about to break down. Subsequently, she can repair the air-conditioner just in time before any major breakdown and successfully avoided interruption of her business.

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