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A Canadian Company

Found in 2020

AI Energy Audit Technology Ltd. is a Canadian-based company that was founded in 2020 by owner Chun Keung Sze.  Its main focus is to design and develop IoT solutions for energy auditing such as Euditor.

As the founder with over 20 years of professional experiences in the building services industry, Sze specializes in operation, maintenance, data analysis, building automation control and energy audit.  These expertise allows him to offer a unique and valuable vision to enrich the venture’s IoT driven solutions.


Using technology to solve problems is our belief and what we deliver.  Innovative mindset enables us to deal with problems in new perspectives and figure out creative solutions to achieve sustainability and energy conservation.   


Our values determine the principles to ensure that our products and services meet and beyond expectations.  They are Originality, Quality and User-Orientated.



We keep an open mind and think outside the box while looking at problems attentively and building solutions meticulously.  Applying available technologies to find out imaginative solutions and products is our mission and challenge. 



Quality is the key factor that contributes to the success of our products and services.  We always aim to provide customers with worthwhile products and services.  We believe that quality is the core element to gain the trust from customers.



Simple and easy to use are what our products and services have to be.  User experience is highly valued in our mind to ensure our customers enjoy using our products and services. 

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