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The Euditor Smart Plug

The Euditor smart plug package consists of a smart plug which can be paired with the Euditor cloud-based energy audit platform and Euditor smart app. It is designed to help people understand, measure and improve energy usage for their electrical appliances. It also monitors log data to detect abnormal events and send alerts to the user when problems are found to enhance safety.

Potential Users

Domestic and commercial users who want to save hydro bills, keep track of problems and enhance safety for electrical appliances.


Local and Remote Control : Through the smart app, you can switch on/off the power supply

Time Schedule : Set on/off schedule through the smart app

Auto-off : Switch-off automatically after pre-set time period

Vocation Mode : Switch-on/off automatically and randomly as to simulate someone in home when you are out for vocation

Measure : Instant current (A), voltage (V), power (W) and consumed electricity (kWh)

Overheat Protection : Cut-off power automatically when the plug is at abnormal high temperature

Charging Protection : Cut-off power automatically when your appliance is fully charged

USB Charger : Bring convenience to charge your gadgets

LED Night Light : Illuminate your space with right amount of brightness in night time.

Data Monitoring : Detect abnormal events and send your alert

Electricity Saving Recommendation : Identify electricity saving opportunities, tell you what to do and estimate saving

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