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The Euditor Smart  Plug

AI Energy Audit Technology Ltd. is a technology development company which provides solutions via Internet of Things (IoT)  among other tools for energy audit.  Euditor is our first IoT solution for electrical appliances. 


Euditor Smart Socket

The Euditor Smart Socket has built-in sensors to compile operational data by observing your electrical appliance usage/consumption.   Built-in WiFi module enables Euditor to upload data to its cloud app.

Euditor Cloud

The Euditor Cloud‘s powerful computing infrastructure is the backbone of its advanced AI analytic program. 

Euditor AI

The Euditor AI can analyze your energy consumption data over time with its Machine Learning Algorithm  to identify potential energy saving opportunities.  It will then provide you some energy saving recommendations and strategies.     

It can monitor incoming data for abnormal error or power consumption and send alert to your mobile device.  It also comes with a safety feature that would cut the power off automatically when hazardous or emergency situation occurs.

Euditor Mobile APP

The robust Euditor Mobile App allows you to access energy audit reports, receive notifications and alert on top of showing real-time energy data.  It can even act as a controller to perform remote tasks such as on/off switching, configures scheduled automation, etc. 



Euditor is a smart plug device, cloud based energy audit platform and mobile app that integrates AI technology to help people understand, measure and improve their energy usage so that individuals and businesses can save money and apply successful strategies to use electrical appliances safely and efficiently.  

The key innovation is the application of AI technology to learn users’ usage and preferences of energy usage based on their past behavior.  Euditor will be able to monitor and analyze electricity consumption of appliances and then provide practical recommendations to be energy efficient and save money.

Besides, it will also monitor log data to detect abnormal findings and then advise users to repair or replace their appliances to avoid their sudden breakdown and reduce risks of business interruption and subsequent inconvenience.  Furthermore, the system will be able to cut the power supply to electrical appliances when they are near the limit or overload providing a peace of mind for individuals and businesses.

Overall, users will simply plug their electrical appliances into the smart plugs and then register to link up to the AI cloud based application.  All the above information will then be delivered to users through a mobile app or wed-based dashboard.

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